Lab 1 - Overview of the Nervous System

Cerebral Lobes - Temporal Lobe, Lateral and Inferior Aspects

Temporal GyriExamine the lateral surface of the hemisphere and find the Sylvian (lateral) fissure. The cortex inferior to the lateral fissure is the temporal lobe. Find the superior, middle and inferior temporal gyri.

On the inferior surface of the temporal lobe locate the inferior temporal sulcus which separates the inferior temporal lobe from the occipitotemporal gyrus (also known as "fusiform" because it is formed by the fusion of two gyri).

Note that the collateral sulcus separates the occipitotemporal gyrus from the parahippocampal gyrus and the uncus. The uncus and the anterior part of the parahippocampal gyrus are part of the primary olfactory cortex.

Sulci and Gyri