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Lab 9 (ƒ 10) - Cranial Nerve Nuclei and Brain Stem Circulation

NOTE - 17 Sep 21

The labs have been re-numbered. The former lab number is referenced in parentheses (ƒ xx), above.

Old Lab Number New Lab Number
1 1
2 10
3 4
4 2
5 3
6 7
7 8
8 5
9 6
10 9
11 11
Video of Cranial Nerves and Vessels Dissection


In this lab exercise, you will study the brainstem cranial nerve nuclei and review the blood supply of the brainstem. By learning how to assess the function of the brainstem nuclei you will preview exercises that are essential to physical diagnosis. You will also review the blood supply to specific regions of the brainstem and learn of three syndromes that result from occlusion of these vessels. After some introduction, this exercise will proceed from caudal to rostral brain stem with discussions of cranial nerve nuclei, their functions, clinical tests, and blood supply.


By the end of the exercise, you should be able to:

  1. Identify nuclei of cranial nerves III to XII,
  2. Describe the clinical testing of these nuclei,
  3. Describe whether the cortical influence on cranial motor nuclei is bilateral or crossed, and the clinical signs of upper versus lower motor neuron damage,
  4. Describe the blood supply to specific regions of the brainstem and the symptoms that result from occlusion of the blood vessels.

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