Lab 7 - Visual System

Gross Anatomy of the Eye (continued)

View and identify the structures in the illustration.

Figure 1 is a horizontal section of the eye viewed from a superior position.

Figure 2 is a photograph of a normal human fundus (i.e., retinal surface of the posterior part of the eye) as seen through the dilated pupil with an ophthalmoscope. The optic disc lies in the nasal half of the eye (i.e., it is medial). It appears as a sharply delineated, light, whitish disc. The blind spot in the monocular visual field is produced by the absence of photoreceptors in the optic disc.

Blood vessels can be seen arching from the optic disc towards the macula. The macula is an oval, slightly yellowish, region located temporal to the optic disc (i.e., it is lateral). The fovea is in the center of the macula. The image of the central area of the monocular visual field is focused on the fovea.