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Neuroscience Online provides an open-access electronic resource for students, faculty, and those interested in neuroscience.   The project began in 1999 and the first module was released in 2007. Development continues with new features, such as iOS functionality, course lecture videos and clinical correlate lecture videos. 

As we add these requested features, we continue to provide this resource online, free of charge.  Worldwide, students learn from the animations, content and easy to read language of the online textbook.  Traditional bound texts of this calibre cost more than $100, and once purchased, cannot be updated with new content.

If you value this resource and want to help support development of new videos, animations and content, a donation to Neuroscience Online will help continue our initiative.

Donors to Neuroscience Online are recognized for their contributions in our Donor Club pages or may remain anonymous. Tap the links below to view our recognized donors.


Donor Club

* Cortex Club (above $1,000)

* Hippocampus Club ($500-$999)

* Cerebellum Club ($250-$499)

* Brain Stem Club ($50-$249)

* Spinal Cord Club ($5-$49)