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Linear STDP Model

This Applet is accompanies the review paper by Shouval, Wang and Wittenberg (2010) in the special issue on STDP of the Frountiers Journal. The applet implements the Linear STDP models model similar to Song et. al (2000). This model is based on the Assumption that spike timings are all that matters, and that we can ignore the molecular and cellular substrates. This model demonstrates the inability of the linear model to qualitatively produce the frequency dependence and dependence on the number of postsynaptic spikes as in the experimental data. Different parameters can either be chosen explicitly in the applet boxes, or by choosing the preset parameter sets underlined in the text box on the upper left corner of the applet.

The Applet was written by Michael Byrne as part of the computational core funded by the NIH grant 2-PO1-NS038310.

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