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Molecular Mechanisms of Endocytic Protein Sorting

Andrew J. Bean, Ph.D. - Assistant ProfessorThe research in my laboratory is directed at understanding molecular mechanisms of vesicular trafficking and protein sorting. This fundamental process underlies synaptic transmission, which is critical for all brain processes and contributes to functions as basic as the development of neuronal architecture and learning/memory formation.   

Endocytic trafficking pathways.

Endocytic trafficking pathways. Following internalization (1), cargo-containing vesicles fuse with the early endosome. At this point, proteins may be recycled to the plasma membrane via recycling endosomes (2) or may remain associated with the endosomal membrane as the early endosome matures into a late endosome/multivesicular body (MVB) (3). Proteins present on the limiting membrane of the MVB may be recycled to the plasma membrane following vesicle budding (not shown) or the MVB itself may fuse with the plasma membrane resulting in the secretion of exosomes (4, internal vesicles of the MVB). Following ESCRT-mediated, ubiquitin-dependent sorting of proteins on the limiting membrane, MVBs fuse with lysosomes resulting in the degradation of internal MVB vesicles and their contents (5). Late endosomes/MVBs can fuse with autophagosomes resulting in a hybrid organelle called an amphisome (6). Alternatively, autophagosomes can fuse directly with lysosomes. Amphisomes can fuse with lysosomes forming autolysosomes (7). (Click on the image for an enlarged version).

Additionally, the endocytic mechanisms responsible for sorting membrane proteins are also involved in enveloped virus (e.g., HIV and Ebola) budding, and some types of cancer, underscoring the essential and fundamental nature of this process.

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